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Meet Our Team

  • Parul Singh

    Parul Singh, CEO & Founder

    Parul Singh is the founder and CEO of Gradeable. She has six years of experience as a software developer, and was a product manager at NYTimes.com and at a video analytics startup. While at MIT Sloan, she was President of the Venture Capital and Private Equity Club and interned at Founder Collective, a seed-stage venture capital firm. Parul founded and was the teaching assistant for 15.S16, MIT’s Entrepreneurial Product Development and Marketing course, taught by Brian Halligan and Elaine Chen. She has co-founded the Lean Startup Challenge, and served as Program Manager for the Boston Chapter of the Startup Leadership Program.

  • Mikaila Waters

    Mikaila Waters, Director of Product and UX

    Mikaila Waters is the Director of Product and UX at Gradeable where she is responsible for the user experience and front end coding for the site in Ruby on Rails and Javascript. She is on leave from a Masters of Architecture from MIT, and has a B.S. with a focus in architecture from the University at Buffalo. Mikaila started at Gradeable as an intern, and her quick aptitude for technology helped her rise from UI designer to product lead. Mikaila loves to build - everything from furniture, to javascript-enabled widgets, to homes for bats.

  • Alex Koening

    Alex Koenig, School and Teacher Success Manager

    Alex is responsible for making sure Gradeable’s users and partners are able to best make use of Gradeable’s assessment platform. He is passionate about promoting social justice in America’s schools and the smart use of data. Before joining Gradeable, Alex served an Americorps fellowship teaching middle school math in Boston Public Schools. He holds a B.A. from Harvard College in Social Studies, with a focus on American Public Schools in the 21st Century.