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What are schools and districts saying about Gradeable?


"In just the few months that we've been using Gradeable, I've already been able to have more productive conversations not only about what my students can improve on but what I can improve on. As a young teacher it's great to be able to take advantage of my more experienced colleagues and now we can all be in a meeting and I can come up with specific questions to ask them about how what goes on in their classroom might be different from mine."
— Stephanie D., 4th Grade teacher (Kizirian Elementary)


"I wish we had been using this my whole career. This is going to make everything so much faster and easier."
— Lori H., 5th Grade teacher (Webster Elementary)


"The more data I can have about how my students match up to the common core standards the better prepared I am to help them reach and exceed grade level expectations. With Gradeable, I'm in control of that data and I can make use of formative assessments in whichever way makes sense for my classroom."
— Lianna L., 4th Grade teacher (Kizirian Elementary)


"The Gradeable team has been incredibly responsive to our needs. They really care that we not only use Gradeable, but that we use it in a way that is user-friendly and that fits with what each teacher, school-building, and classroom is capable of."
— Danielle P., Assessment Coordinator at PPSD Office of Research, Planning, and Accountability

Empowering teachers with their own data


Create an assessment of any type using multiple choice, open response, PARCC, or surveys questions. Use Gradeable's assessment bank or upload your own questions. Tag your questions with standards.When you’re done, share the assessment with teachers in your subject/grade area.
Empowering teachers with their own data


Deliver assessments to students online or on paper. Gradeable makes grading fast and flexible through:
  • Auto-grading for multiple choice questions
  • Scoring questions in sequence across students
  • A personalized comment bank for your most common feedback
Empowering teachers with their own data


Gradeable provides real-time information right from the classroom about student performance and progress.
Gradeable’s analytics empower teachers to analyze student work in a learning group in order to determine best practices, adjust instruction to meet student needs, and share winning strategies.