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The Gradeable Privacy Pledge

At Gradeable, we pledge to treat your data as if it were our own. We are parents and educators and we know how precious your classroom data is. It is precious because it can help you make learning an exciting journey for your students. It is precious because, when it is at a teacher’s fingertips, it can lead to infinitely more personalized and formative classroom instruction. We are aware, however, that if placed in the wrong hands, invaluable student data can be used for reasons other than the advancement of student learning.

We pledge to keep any data put in our system safe and secure. We pledge that personally identifying information will never be seen by us, or by any other user in our system. We pledge that all personally identifiable student data will be protected with the same rigor and technological safeguards as your bank accounts, and that it will never be shared with a third party without your consent. At Gradeable, we know data is precious, and we promise to keep yours safe and secure.

The National Student Privacy Pledge


In April 2015, Gradeable signed the National Student Privacy Pledge, in commitment to keeping your educational data private, safe, and secure. Companies who opt into the National Student Privacy Pledge agree to the effective use of student information and the promotion of safeguards of student privacy and the corresponding information of school service providers . In addition, signatories hold themselves to the highest possible ethical standards by promising not to sell student information, protect students from advertising, and be transparent about any changes in data collection.

If you have questions or concerns about this policy please reach out to us directly at support@gradeable.com.

The Gradeable Team