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Gradeable is a small start-up building software for teachers based in Boston. We're growing fast, and always looking for new and incredible people to work with.
We work in a collaborative environment where everyone is encouraged to get involved in the conversation and to be creative. We’re all different but there is one thing that holds us together: PASSION. Interested in making a difference in education? Check out how you can add to our team.

School Success/ Program Development

Gradeable’s School Success Agent is a cross combining sales and account management. You need to be incredible with details, people, and opening doors into schools. You are goal driven and comfortable working in a data-driven-decision-making environment. You will be relentless with closing deals. You are ready to evolve with your position as you help create and implement new processes for our sales strategies. We’d prefer a former teacher OR a seasoned entrepreneur with past experience selling to schools. In summary, if you have an education background (or passion) and want to help revolutionize student feedback and assessment, email us your resume and statement of interest

  • Essential Sales Functions:
  • - Follow-up on inbound leads to educate teachers and administrators about our offering via phone and video chat
  • - Manage a wide variety of outreach campaigns to generate additional leads
  • - Coordinate account setup, training, and follow-through to ensure customer experience is successful
  • - Continuously improve the efficiency of the sales process
  • - Maintain complete and accurate documentation in our CRM
  • Essential Account Management Functions:
  • - Maintain relationships with teachers to ensure we are providing teachers and administrators with what they need to support student success.
  • - Act as primary point of contact for account on teacher billing and support inquiries
  • - Move teachers through our customer happiness process to drive referral, renewal, and channel opportunities.
  • - Provide learning team with account feedback to improve service level throughout the life of a school’s program.
Buzzwords: teacher, commision, smarketing, leads

Data Scientist

Gradeable’s mission is to improve education through creating tools for teachers that make formative assessment efficient and easy. In order to do this, we need to maintain a ton of data about quizzes, homeworks, and grades across students, classrooms, districts, and regions, crossed with teachers, schools, and networks.

We have already made some strides in making it easier for teachers to visualize their students’ data in meaningful ways. This is your chance to architect the next generation of data science in education and formative assessments.

If you consider yourself a analytically inclined programmer or a programmatically inclined analyst with a desire to work on data that has the potential to improve the quality of education for every student, this job might be for you. Especially if you’re experienced with large datastores and statistical science :)

Buzzwords: SQL, Google Charts, Ruby on Rails, D3.js

Computer Vision Scientist

One of the key ideas we believe in is to have an impact in classrooms for today, not tomorrow. We are working on state of the art computer vision tools to organize classroom information, including stacks of paper tests and homeworks into something that can be stored securely and analyzed meaningfully.

If you have experience with building computer vision systems or are simply a kickass programmer interested in gaining that experience, this role is for you.

Buzzwords: OCR (Optical Character Recognition), Image Restoration, Inpainting


Real startup experience? Check.
Real world problems? Check.
Real responsibilities and real work? Check.
We’ll bring the coffee, you bring the energy. Now hiring for winter, spring, summer, and fall internships.

Buzzwords: Fun, profit