We work with you to engage students.

Our highest priority is student engagement.

When students engage in learning, curiosity is sparked, creativity is unleashed, and a love of learning is ignited. Engaging a student empowers that student for the rest of her life.

The building blocks of an engaging classroom atmosphere are the freedom, time, and flexibility to treat students as individuals. The passionate educators who use Gradeable embody this standard. However, in an era of education that is defined by high stakes testing and standardization, this can be an uphill battle for many educators. We provide an alternative.

At Gradeable, we believe assessment can empower diversity of learning and thought, instead of reducing learning to its lowest common denominator for the sake of a bubble sheet test. We designed our platform to enable frequent, high quality feedback and formative assessment, to support teachers who hold themselves, and their students, to high standards.

Instilling a lifelong love of learning in students has always been the main priority of a great educator and it will always be our priority for the students and educators we serve.